Concordia cum Veritate

Friday, August 26, 2005

An ounce of criticism is worth more than a pound of praise

An ounce of criticism is worth more than a pound of praise--at least that's what my latest readers think! Lol. It's all good.

Well answering the healthy criticism of the comments in my last post, it looks like I did use the nominative "veritas" when I should have used the ablative "veritate" for "cum." As far as "concordia" is concerned it appears as though the meaning harmony is correct... an aetheist told me in first year it meant beauty. Never trust an aetheist in matters of faith, morals or Latin!

My proposed solution to the above problem: let's make Latin a living language again, and see how concordia as a word evolves and expands its definition to mean "beauty." Let us be inclusive in the language of Latin because the Latin is inclusive. Let us venture into dialogue with people who do not know the Latin. For the Latin understands and forgives. "The Latin is my shepherd. The Latin is my life and my salvation." This is something any great saint could have said in centuries past like St. Jerome (translator of the Latin Vulgate) or St. Thomas Aquinas, and perhaps this is something even from the lips of schismatics like His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Clearly Martin Luther and Henry VIII did not know the Latin as they should have--or Roman Catholics around Vatican II. This used to be a comment but it's so long I turned it into a post.

And onto other things. I'm attending a wedding this weekend in Goderich. My friends Kris Hiuser and Erin Hoffemeyer are getting married! Congratulations to them! I pray some day it may become a sacrament for them:-) Weddings are such wonderful things. I can't wait to have my own! I know it'll come when it's time, but I still can't wait! Char's going to a wedding this weekend too in Norfolk, VA. Only a week till I get to see her! and her family! 10 days with the family, it'll be grand. Whoever reads this please pray for my safe trip there and back again.

Pax vobiscum nunc, et semper, et in seculae seculorum

Monday, August 08, 2005

Letter to

I wrote an email to today. Upon first glance they appear to be a newly founded liberal agency hypocritically wanting to know John Roberts personal views on issues he may have to judge on the Supreme Court. But there is no mention that requests for views and beliefs of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were denied by the Democrats with the Ginsburg Standard in 1993 until the Clinton Administration! The truth should have been known then, but not they must fair and give equal treatment to Roberts.

Here's the letter I wrote:


I don't see anything on your site criticizing the decision of Democrats specifically Senator Joseph Biden and the white house during the Clinton administration for establishing rules for questioning nominees. In 1993 when justice Ruth Baden Ginsburg was going through confirmation she had no obligation to answer questions about her personal views on issues that might come before the Court. This reveals your bias as a destructive liberal organization. Apply the Ginsburg standard. The Democrats had a round of it, now be fair and just and let the Republicans have a round at it.

Also I encourage you to watch consersavtive and liberal news agencies and compare them, FOXNews vs. CNN and see that the White House has released something in the range of 40,000 documents on Roberts. They cannot release anymore due to the right of lawyer client confidentiality. Would you have them take away that right? Logically, no.


Ok well I thought it was short and sound and gets to the point of fairness. Ideally the full truth should have been known in the beginning. Since it wasn't, this fair grace must be given.

Well now it's time for me to talk to Char. She's on vacation at the beach for a week. I could have been there if it wasn't for my boss. GRRR. I guess that means we'll have to take 2 weeks next

Pax vobiscum

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Planned Parenthood Maternal Greeting Cards

I figured I'd put this post up as something to do because I miss Char so much. She's gone on vacation for a week, so I have to go a week without even seeing her on webcam. I miss her. But here goes... I got the inspiration for these greeting cards from the Curt Jester. when they featured adulterous lover greeting cards.... need I say more? ;-) And what better answer to cards that commemorate breaking the 6th Commandment than cards by those who break the 5th!

If planned parenthood ever decided to go into the "Maternal/New Baby greeting card" business, their cards may look a bit like this:

Many Warnings, Many Signs or Beware of Pagans Part III

Ok this is my last installment of why we should be aware of pagans and paganism and I'll make it quick and simple! So let's hear the dirt on paganism... which is more dirty than anything Christianity herself has done, or Christians left to themselves in sin, and even Islam.

The pagan Roman Empire. How many millions of people did they kill? Blood thirsty pagans. They were the people who actually killed God, the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. And they crucified millions, and tortured and killed over 2 million Catholic Christians.

Who wants pagans after that quagmire? To make matters worse the pagans of south America sacrificed their infants to false gods! Praise Jesus, the Jesuits and Mother Church were able to convert them and teach them the 5th commandment Thou Shalt not Kill.

The pagans of Papau New Giunea even to this day practice cannibalism! Paganism is a dangerous religion because it is purely a religion of men! Perhaps not as dangerous as aetheism, but still very very dangerous.

And the pagan Greeks and Romans would engage in homosexual orgies. The Roman men would abandon the women and burn their lusts in each other. Famously documented by St. Paul the apostle to the Gentiles in his first Letter to the Romans.

There is always forgiveness and Christ granted mercy to the pagan people who did not know better. He gave them more mercy than the Jews as the pagans abandoned their faith and became the elect as the first Catholic Christians at the power of St. Paul's preaching.

Ok so where's the beauty in all this? Well the beauty is that by the grace of God the Church converted these peoples and won their hearts to Christ!

Always remember where the greatest authority on earth is. He's in Rome vested by the power of Jesus Christ. The Pope most closely follows the footsteps of the fisherman Peter. He is the shepherd of the whole Church on earth, as there is one Shepherd of the whole Church in heaven there is one of earth. He always has divine authority even if doesn't say it for hundreds of years.

Ok so I'm done talking about where we men and women should go to for authority. It is never to ourselves. But something greater than ourselves:-)