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Sunday, March 26, 2006

God Bless the Convert: Watch out Islam

Abdul Rahman: Is this the face of the enemy?

It really made my blood boil when I heard about cut-throat 'moderate' Muslim clerics wanting to have Abdul Rahman murdered for converting from Islam to Christianity, thus rejecting Islam. Their reasoning is as twisted as secular progressive reasoning, and almost as deadly.


"Trial judge Ansarullah Mawlazezadah told Stephen Harper, “The religion of Islam is one of tolerance,” therefore, if he recants his Christian faith, he will not be executed. "

How is Islam teaching tolerance by murdering someone who converts to a different faith? Doesn't God give us a free-will choice whether we will follow Him to attain His promise of everlasting life? Surely this Islamic teaching is contrary to the Will of God. I'm sure there are Muslims who can attest to this.

This is not a problem of the relationship between religion and state, it is a problem of bad religion to begin with.

If Abdul were actively trying to supplant Islam by means of deception, this can lawfully be considered an act of treason on the state (because the religion and state are joined). Many people are ignorant of the fact that this is why the Spanish Inquisition was started, because Jews and Muslims were infiltrating the Church, becoming priests and where attacking the faith of the Church through heresies. When there is a union of Church and State, an attack on the Church is an attack on the State and vice versa, and so it can be considered treasonable. But this is not the case today, where the State represses the Church. You're average secular "progressive" is not enlightened enough to see the difference in the above scenario and what is going on in Afghanistan because they like to over-simplify concepts, and neatly package them into small disposible bundles.

Again from
Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die," said cleric Abdul Raoulf, who is considered a moderate.
The Afghan constitution says "no law can be contrary to the sacred religion of Islam". At the same time, it says the country must abide by international agreements which include those upholding human rights and freedom of religion.

This sounds a lot like the angry Jewish San Hedrin who wanted Jesus Christ crucified for acknowledging that He is the Son of God. I just showed that a religion that does not respect the free-will choice God gives us to choose our religions is violated by Islam. So how can rejecting Islam, a faith that does not recognize God's gift to us of free-will choice to do good, be insulting to God? It can't!

Abdul is not hurting anyone. The radical Muslims may percieve scandal from him, but scandal is not an offense punishable by death, nor life imprisonment. If Islam was truly a religion of tolerance, it wouldn't have forced generations of Muslims since the time of Mohammed to stay Muslim under pain of death.

Just as Muslims have problems accepting the God given freedom of religion, secular progressives have trouble accepting the right to life of the preborn. Christians: Catholic, Orthodox and catechumens enjoy the balance of the best of both worlds. This is evidence that supports Jesus Christ's claim that He is the truth, the way and the life, as well as the Church's proclamation of being the true Universal Christian Mother Church.

On a political note it is interesting to see it is only the Conservative governments that have come out swinging in favour of freedom of religion. Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke up, along with President Bush, Condoleeza Rice, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the Italian government. Canada's Liberals and American's Democrats again have put their feet in their mouths and are not speaking up for religious freedom. This proves their anti-religious bigotry, and their betrayal of their 'rights' and 'freedoms' principals. Also note how France, the Netherlands, Belgium and surprise surprise the Danish have not said anything against what is happening. And only months ago the Danish were rabidly defending freedom of speech. It is beyond belief how quickly they change their tune and turn their backs on freedom of religion, the foundational stone of democracy.

I know only a few Muslims, and they are good people. They're better than many Canadians I know. I earnestly hope that they will see the faults present in their religion, and see how these particular faults are made perfect in the Holy Catholic Church.

May St. Michael and his own guardian angel defend Abdul Rahman from the persecution of murderous extremist Muslims. And may God have mercy on the persecutors. They need our prayers, because the punishments of the Father will soon weigh down upon them.

Pax vobiscum,

Allan O'Canada

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And congratulations America! Last week you received a great gift from God, 2 new cardinals, one of whom is the new Prefect for the Congregration of the Doctrine of the Faith: the second most powerful man in the world. Char's proud to be an American today;-)