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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Many Warnings, Many Signs or Beware of Pagans Part III

Ok this is my last installment of why we should be aware of pagans and paganism and I'll make it quick and simple! So let's hear the dirt on paganism... which is more dirty than anything Christianity herself has done, or Christians left to themselves in sin, and even Islam.

The pagan Roman Empire. How many millions of people did they kill? Blood thirsty pagans. They were the people who actually killed God, the Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. And they crucified millions, and tortured and killed over 2 million Catholic Christians.

Who wants pagans after that quagmire? To make matters worse the pagans of south America sacrificed their infants to false gods! Praise Jesus, the Jesuits and Mother Church were able to convert them and teach them the 5th commandment Thou Shalt not Kill.

The pagans of Papau New Giunea even to this day practice cannibalism! Paganism is a dangerous religion because it is purely a religion of men! Perhaps not as dangerous as aetheism, but still very very dangerous.

And the pagan Greeks and Romans would engage in homosexual orgies. The Roman men would abandon the women and burn their lusts in each other. Famously documented by St. Paul the apostle to the Gentiles in his first Letter to the Romans.

There is always forgiveness and Christ granted mercy to the pagan people who did not know better. He gave them more mercy than the Jews as the pagans abandoned their faith and became the elect as the first Catholic Christians at the power of St. Paul's preaching.

Ok so where's the beauty in all this? Well the beauty is that by the grace of God the Church converted these peoples and won their hearts to Christ!

Always remember where the greatest authority on earth is. He's in Rome vested by the power of Jesus Christ. The Pope most closely follows the footsteps of the fisherman Peter. He is the shepherd of the whole Church on earth, as there is one Shepherd of the whole Church in heaven there is one of earth. He always has divine authority even if doesn't say it for hundreds of years.

Ok so I'm done talking about where we men and women should go to for authority. It is never to ourselves. But something greater than ourselves:-)


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