Concordia cum Veritate

Monday, August 08, 2005

Letter to

I wrote an email to today. Upon first glance they appear to be a newly founded liberal agency hypocritically wanting to know John Roberts personal views on issues he may have to judge on the Supreme Court. But there is no mention that requests for views and beliefs of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were denied by the Democrats with the Ginsburg Standard in 1993 until the Clinton Administration! The truth should have been known then, but not they must fair and give equal treatment to Roberts.

Here's the letter I wrote:


I don't see anything on your site criticizing the decision of Democrats specifically Senator Joseph Biden and the white house during the Clinton administration for establishing rules for questioning nominees. In 1993 when justice Ruth Baden Ginsburg was going through confirmation she had no obligation to answer questions about her personal views on issues that might come before the Court. This reveals your bias as a destructive liberal organization. Apply the Ginsburg standard. The Democrats had a round of it, now be fair and just and let the Republicans have a round at it.

Also I encourage you to watch consersavtive and liberal news agencies and compare them, FOXNews vs. CNN and see that the White House has released something in the range of 40,000 documents on Roberts. They cannot release anymore due to the right of lawyer client confidentiality. Would you have them take away that right? Logically, no.


Ok well I thought it was short and sound and gets to the point of fairness. Ideally the full truth should have been known in the beginning. Since it wasn't, this fair grace must be given.

Well now it's time for me to talk to Char. She's on vacation at the beach for a week. I could have been there if it wasn't for my boss. GRRR. I guess that means we'll have to take 2 weeks next

Pax vobiscum


  • I hate to make a niggling linguistic remark, but "concordia cum veritas" does not mean "beauty with truth" in Latin; at best, it's a sentence fragment that starts by saying, "Harmony, when truth...." If you want to say "with truth," it should be "cum veritate;" words for "beautiful" that you can use include "pulchritudo" and "forma." Feel free to delete this comment after you read it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:24 PM  

  • anonymous is right, Allan...our school's motto is concordia cum veritate.

    By Anonymous L, at 8:04 AM  

  • ...and also right about the translation... con = with, cord = when you have your hearts together you are in harmony.

    By Anonymous L, at 8:05 AM  

  • Please refer to my latest post to see how I'm addressing these very pressing issues. l, but you might also say when you have two hards together you are in love ;-)

    Thank you l and anonymous! or I could be French about it and l'anonymous! Too much fun.

    By Blogger Allan O'Canada Gibb, at 4:56 PM  

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