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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hillary Clinton's Dirty Bag of Lies

Hillary Clinton has a history of ranting how abortion rates would go down if girls and young women were given finger-tip access to abortifacients and contraceptives. Wow. How does she come up with this prophetic insight? Obviously she's not looking at the facts. Looking at the facts would reveal how flawed her argument is. Ever since we legalized contraceptive devices and abortifacient pills, the number of "unplanned pregnancies" has sky-rocketed. And the more we make these sex-destructive means available to combat abortions and "unwanted pregnancies," the more abortions and unwanted pregnancies we get. I feel that the Democrats and all Canadian political parties, save the Christian Heritage Party are leading us down the path of ignorance to a pagan and diminishing society.

Here are the facts:

Scotland made the morning-after pill nonprescription in 1999 and in 2005 reported its highest number of abortions since abortion was decriminalized in 1967.

In England, abortions increased from 176,000 in 2002 to 185,400 in 2004. In four years, chlamydia went up 76 percent. Gonorrhea went up 55 percent. Syphilis went up 54 percent. Genital warts went up 20 percent.

Check out Lifenews for more details:

Following the Democrats, the Liberal Party of Canada, the New Democrat Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada is turning our fine and once proud nations into cesspools of sexually transmitted diseases. Love thy neighbour: Don't vote for people who will lie and cheat us of our purity and our health. Especially Hillary Clinton.

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  • Even assuming that the STD and abortion rise was caused by the drug, rather say than more cases getting detected through more awareness, is it really your place to dictate your morality to everyone, even those who disagree with it? Seriously, if you don't like the drug, nobody is going to make you take it.

    And the line about "If you don't like murder don't commit one" is going to fly. Murder hurts an unwilling participant, taking plan b does not.

    And don't trot the whole either, someone else could buy it and give it to a kid without the parents permission. The fact is, if your relationship with your child is that poor, she's going to do that, you've already failed as a parent.

    By Blogger Hoodlum, at 8:21 PM  

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