Concordia cum Veritate

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Many Warnings, Many Signs or Beware of Pagans Part I

Well first I better open this entry with some background so people can see my train of thought. There is much beauty, and peace in the Catholic Church. I can't see why people would be so offended with Her, other than for their own selfish wants. All the Church wants to do is help people. Yet, history shows us countless examples of where people have their own political agendas and make up truth. I used to be angry at Protestants for doing this. But then I realized most Protestants out there aren't really Protestants in the true sense of the word because they really don't know what Catholicism is. Once I learned about Catholicism, I couldn't see how anyone could not believe it. Why the Protestants of the past rejected so many truths revealed to us by God through the Church did not make sense to me. Each of the denominations choose which truths to believe, and which to reject and denominations would have so many different conflicting doctrines that it's hard to see how any form of Protestantism could be the full truth that God has revealed thus far. And Protestant demoninations are always changing, in a permanent state of getting closer to the one solid truth built on Rock (Petrus) or regressing. Look at the Anglicans with the whole gay pseudo-marriage ordeal, then again with the document on Mary about her dogmas (Immaculate Conception, Assumption).

At any rate, my anger for Protestantism and certain Protestants has quelled. At least for Conservative Christians. I'm still disappointed with liberals who make up theories about Jesus Christ with no evidence, no history. Lies are never a beautiful thing. In this world they are quickly becoming allies of Catholic Christianity, and we Catholics truly do welcome their good works, and their Truth with open arms for the common good which is Christ. I don't bring the Orthodox into this but I always have a special relationship with the Orthodox Christians I run into.

I can't say I have ever hated Judaism, but I definitely have a problem with the pseudo-Judaisms out there, like Jewish reform, and political or secular Jewishness. I have had a few influences that gave me an idea about Jews and Judaism. I don't know too many Jewish people, but if I knew more I would look fondly upon the ones I do know who aren't just pretending but know their faith reasonably well. Let it be known I love the Jews whether they have truth or not. True Judaism is a very beautiful religion. But shortly after the death of Christ, it seems they started practicing something a little different from Judaism. I'm no expert on the subject but I know the Pharisees of the time of Christ were able to twist the Law of Moses into their own political agenda. Usually when the true Jews of the world start practicing true Judaism we see beautiful things happen. Truth of the Spirit lightens their hearts and minds and they often become fulfilled Jews, that is they are Christened. This a whole big tangent, but I must say all followers of the Law of Moses must unite in this world under One True God. There is no room for secular jewish attacks on Christianity, this includes political attacks on clergy and religious in Israel by denying them visas. And there is no room for anti-Semitism especially when we are facing anti-Judeo Christianity.

I had the delightful experience of living in the same student house with a girl raised Jewish reform convert to Islam right before mine eyes. This is where I learned much about Islam, from her, and in turn taught her much about Christianity. I hope she still remembers! I was tempted by the allure of Islam I must confess, during my conversion to Catholicism. I wanted to make sure I had the true religion. Who can blame me for having an open mind? And a mind is really not open until it's opened to God. I had been angry at Muslims in general due to 9/11, and 3/11 and I'm still trying to figure out if such attacks are directly from an impurity in an Islamic religion. Most certainly a fundamentalist Islamic religion. I have many thoughts on Islamic religion such as is there a true religion of Islam or is it all culturally and personally based? And it seems impossible to know which strain would be the one Mohammed devised and if it still exists. At any rate, beware of fundamentalist Islam! It's one of the great dangers to the Church's existence, and thus freedom. So there is still a threat to freedom and peace from certain Muslims, just like with certain evangelicals. It is important to love Muslims as our neighbours because they share certain aspects of Abrahamic Law. So while there is a danger there is a must greater threat brewing in the west...

The Dark Lord...

of Atheism...
of Agnosticism and indifference...
of Communism...
of Secular humanism, and satanism

And of paganism.

Christians unite!!! Pagans will now more often speak of the atrocities of Christians committed against other people. However, what pagans fail to realize is that these unjust acts are not condoned by the Church. However, pagans are directly responsible for more bloodshed, slavery and all around cruelty in history than any other group of people. However, they may probably be surpassed by liberal secularists one day. Then again, I bet many liberal secularists are pagans. The thing about paganism is that anything goes any way you want. You make up your god, your rules, your morals, your religion, you get other people to follow it, heck you can even make yourself a god as some do. Why should I worship you? You think you're a god? I think you're ready for a trip to the local looney bin...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

First Blog Entry Ever

So I finally decided to get my own blog because I think I have some good points that should be heard somehow. I am an avid listener/reader of these types of things and I like to comment on important issues but don't get as much of a chance as I'd like.

Now a little bit about what this blog will be about. God will be a big part of this blog because He should always be first and foremost in life. Next is all that God has given me in life and wants of me: Charlene my Only One, my family, my education, and all the little things that are too numerous to mention.

I'm writing this while Char is getting ready for her brother Leif's graduation party. I missed Char's party but I wish I could have been there with her. Well that's all folks for this post.

Pax vobiscum
Peace be with you