Concordia cum Veritate

Monday, March 05, 2007

Brownback's Yellow Brick Road to the White House

He's not in Kansas anymore. He's all over the map. With such a passion for serving all, defending the weak and innocent and a strong devotion to America, there is no one better fit to be President than Sam Brownback. No other candidate has spoken so strongly in giving everyone a fair chance at life, especially the preborn, be they in the womb or more tragically, in a petri dish. I don't know about you, but my family is hurting these days. My parents made many mistakes and now live separately, hating each other. This tragedy has shaken me and my sister's to the core.
Sam Brownback gives the millions like me and my sisters hope that if he became president, no other children will have to suffer the destruction of the love that sustains families. He would promote marriage, ensuring fewer children end up in single parent families. No other candidates are concerned about this. He will protect marriage from those who want to warp it into something other than that joyous union of one man and one woman for life for the procreation of children. He will protect marriage from disorder and the lies of homosexualization. Brownback's winning message is simple. America needs strong families to be successful. Without strong families that are accepting of the gift of life, society is not as effective, life is disordered and the nation suffers. Families are the backbone of any society.
The measure of a society is how well it treats it's weakest members. Democrat America would like to kill millions of them with abortion. Sam Brownback is the best candidate at changing that.
Brownback will win on all issues. He will support the military. He will settle for nothing less than victory in Iraq. He is wise enough not get America into another situation like Iraq because he knows how much voters are displeased with it. Democrats like Hillary, Obama, Edwards are unreliable when it comes to winning in Iraq. But if Republicans do not start looking realisiticly at how bad the Iraq war was for their own country, they will lose in 2008 with the American public. Sam Brownback supports a political solution ultimately in Iraq, which is what the American people want. Brownback is in tune with the people on Iraq.

Brownback is respected by immigrants because he reaches out to them. He knows that a fence alone isn't going to cut it with the issue of illegal immigrants. He's got every other Republican matched or beat with immigration.

When it comes to the other candidates like Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden and Rudy Guilianni are deadly on the issues of abortion. These candidates are not looking out for America's future but an ideological agenda where people are given the right to kill the innocent. Even John McCain supports murdering some emryonic children, saying that some should die for the sake of science. Who is he to say some people should sacrifice their lives for the sake of science, just because they are so young and weak.

Mitt Romney says he regrets breaking the law to institute sodomarriage in Massachusetts. Is that so? Then why isn't he out crusading to fix his mistake? Romney, throughout his campaign, has not given any evidence he cares about the country's divorce problem. His defense of marriage is at best questionable.

Sam Brownback is one of the few candidates we can trust, the highest ranking candidate we can trust. Friends, please support Sam Brownback. He is a man whom people will talk about years from now saying "will this President be as good as Brownback?" Follow the yellow brick road. Please support Brownback, and make America a better country.
Pax Vobiscum,
Allan O'Canada