Concordia cum Veritate

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Every human life is precious and can be assigned no worth. This is true whether you are born or pre-born, disabled, ill, healthy, rich or poor. But precious to whom we may ask? Well first and foremost, precious to God, and then precious to us men. Think about it, the Greatest Commandment is to "Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart thy whole soul thy whole mind." Matt. 22:37. If God commands us to love Him like this, imagine what His love for us must be. Infinite. Let's count how much He loves us: one, two, three... well you get the point.

And secondly, the Second Greatest Commandment "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." Love is a very deep meaning. One in which I don't have time to get into now. It doesn't mean feel good with someone else pleasurewise, but it does mean wanting what's best for someone else, immediately AND in the long term. And where we can help heal people, rather than leaving them sick, that is what's best for them. So simple and beautiful.

So what does this have to do with leprosy? Well we must love the lepers. And help them as much as we can as we would try and help the poorest people, the pre-born as much as we can.
A couple weeks ago we had World Leprosy Day. Our Blessed Lord was all about healing lepers, and so were many saints (by the power of God of course).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and I'll trust them on this one, there are approx. 300,000 people in the world living with leprosy. Before the discovery of the cure in 1985, there were 5.5 million living with the disease. Leprosy is caused by a bactertia which destroys the tissue that connects nerves to muscles. The cure is 6 months to a years worth of antibiotics, payed for by the WHO.

They're working to eradicate the disease like they did with small pox back in the 70s and was officially declare eradicated in 1981 or close to there. Destroying leprosy is a cause quite worthy of our prayers and support. There are many Christian Leprosy Missions that are worth your prayers and support, as well as your money. So find a good life promoting organization and DONATE!

Pax Dominus vobiscum,

and something beautiful from Char "How come no matter what happens to me during the day, i know i won't stay sad or upset for long when i have you!" - I definitely have the sweetest girl ever. Deo gratias, thanks be to God!

Does Paul Martin Look Like Porky the Pig?

Does former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin look like Porky the Pig?

We all know he's a little large around the waist line, and probably doesn't exercise too much but is there a facial resemblance? Let me know what you think! And remember, all in good fun.

Pax vobiscum,