Concordia cum Veritate

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dealing with Pro-abortion Emotionalism

My Dear Friends,

My observations of the pro-abortion movement is that it almost entirely fuels itself on emotionalism to retain power. Look at their arguments, they lack any true argumentative reasoning and substance. In a nutshell they're weak I mean, trying to justify the legality of abortion based on a woman making a choice? Women terrorists make personal life altering choices when they blow themselves up and others in their suicide missions. Should we make that legal too? Obviously our laws must not be determined on the basis of the freedom to choose anything without negative consequences. Our laws must be based on morality: Will this action hurt another person? Does this action show love to every person involved? Is this behaviour suitable for people? Is this behaviour compatible with how people were made to live?

Obviously it is always murder to kill an innocent person. The preborn are the most innocent among us. Preborn people are human persons as science tells us, from the moment of conception there is a new life performing all the necessary prossesses of life independently of her mother (except for gathering food). Abortion kills an innocent person, the baby, and sometimes the mother too. Yes, even "safe" legal abortion can kill the mother. Thus, abortion is rightly called murder.

Against this reasoning, and the destruction of its own, the pro-abortion movement has to result to emotionalism to sustain it's power strangle on the Canadian-American mind. We hear such screams as "you don't have any idea what it's like!" or "you think you're making some sort of political statement!" This is always followed by many nasty instults and swear words. It's true, pro-abortionists are about as friendly and reasonable as their language. Let me know how friendly and reasonable the phrase "f*** you" is. "You don't have any idea what's it like to have an abortion" can easily be followed by the statement "You don't have any idea what's it like to be torn apart limb from limb." Hopefully that makes the emotionalist think about it and question their beliefs.

Planned Parenthood is as guilty of the insults as anyone. I'm really impressed with how the Catholic Church handles this and does not stoop to their level. When was the last time the Catholic Church made a cartoon childishly insulting anyone? Vive Christ's Church! I'm so thankful and happy to be Catholic.

My advice is to imitate the Catholics. Be calm. Be respectful. Be admonishful when the opportunity presents itself, it's everyone's duty, not just Catholics. Catholics have the extra difficult duty of letting pro-abortion people know their soul is in mortal danger the loss of heaven and of hellfire if they do not seek God's peace and change their hearts.

Pax vobiscum,


P.S. To my special one, you're always my inspiration!=)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The LAMB is Our Hope for HIV/AIDS

I recently thought of a beautiful new Acronym for the Movement to Prevent HIV/AIDS. In Uganda in 1991 the HIV prevalance rate for the general population was 15%. The ABC method was aggressively employed and was so effective that by 2004 Uganda's HIV rate was chopped to 4% as reported by LifesiteNews:

ABC stands for Abstain, Be Faithful and Character Development. Some think condoms are more important than character development and will use that as the C word. All I'm going to say about recommending condoms to reduce the spread of HIV is that they're not effective enough and may even contribute to the problem. We shouldn't be exciting naive minds by telling them it's ok to engage in risky, uncommitted and/or unclean sexual activity as long they use a condom when we know 15-20% of the time they'll end up on their death bed with AIDS. Somewhere down the way we've crossed the morality line.

I thought it would be a good idea if there were an acronym out there to avoid using C just because it can cause confusion and the wrong idea when people use it for condoms. I propose we use an improved acronym to summarize the necessities in preventing HIV through sexual transmission:


L is for Love.
The real definition of love is and wanting and doing what's best for each other, in the spirit of sacrifice.

A is for Abstinence.
Self control never hurt anyone and is the only 100% effective prevention.

M is for Marriage.
We need to recognize marriage as the best institution for sexual activity, where procreation, commitment and unity are embraced.

B is for Be Faithful.
We cannot contract or spread the disease to our spouse if we are faithful.

This acronym can work for anyone. The lamb's coat is pure and white, no blemmish, no disease. We want everyone to be free of disease. The lamb is innocent. Everyone sees some sort of need to be pure and innocent in their sexual activity, reserving it for the person with whom it's most safe with, and most appreciative of it's remarkable procreative nature, one's spouse.

It is also fitting in that Christ, the Lamb of God heals many of disease and other affliction. A little known fact is that the Catholic Church is the single largest organization providing relief to AIDS patients.

Pax vobiscum,