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Monday, June 26, 2006

Home Grown Terror Cells

Washington DC - A massive series of raids conducted in the country overnight ended in the successful discovery of recently active heretical terrorists cells. Radical groups such as al-CFFC (ex-Catholics for a Free Choice), al-FutureChurch brigade, and Condoms for Life jihad have been preparing a series of massive militant attacks against the Catholic Church across the world over the last few years. Special Operations Units caught who they believe to be the ring leader of the whole organization, Frances bin Kissling.

Reports of a strange woman in vestments handing out condoms to local children led Special Forces to the culprit. Bin Kissling was found in the basement of her local DC hideout at al-CFFC conducting militant training exercises on forcefully bad-mouthing Catholic clergy such as Pope Benedict to make them accept her views on abortion and contraception.

Bin Kissling is widely responsible the killing of millions of innocent preborn children around the world and for terrorist attacks at World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany, when members of Condoms for Life jihad attempted a massive soulicide terrorist condom attack on the Catholic Youth of the world. No damnations were reported as a result thankfully.

Pope Benedict XVI praised the victory saying, "We have prayed for the peace and justice of Christ, and God has answered our prayers to the fullest on this day. Even though many sheep were lead astray, let us offer our forgiveness to the terrorists. And let us not forget the prayers of Our Blessed Mother, whom we thank as she birthed our Saviour and our peace."

President Bush commented, "Today America and the people of the world can rest easier knowing the ultimate evil of heretical terrorism has been defeated."

Below is Frances bin Kissling in an undated photograph most likely taken by one of her extremist heretical hoolagins:

I thank Jeff Miller and his WMD article at Curt Jester for the inspiration:

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Passing of Protestantism

I just thought I'd write a few notes on my observations about Protestantism. I want any readers who belong to Protestant faith communities to know I am sensitive to this issue, being raised in a liberal Protestant home, and I do love all protestants, but not the heresy known as Protestantism as a perversion of truth for the pain and ruptures it has caused our Mother the Church.

Last night I was reading Acts 18:23 where St. Luke records St. Paul saying "For passing by and seeing your idols, I found an altar also, on which was written: To the Unknown God. What therefore you worship without knowing it, that I preach to you."

A couple points in support of the passing of Protestantism:
1. The movement is destroying itself inside out. Ever since Protestants thought they had the right to establish rival churches to Christ's Church, they have been fragmenting and splintering into more doctrinally diverse and smaller sects (denominations). We know from Sacred Tradition, the history of the Church, and Sacred Scripture that God never incorporated this into His Church, nor was it His Will. Nonetheless this fruit is an unseparable part of the movement.

The point: As Protestants splinter further they destroy the unity of their community, their credibility of doctrine and therefore must rely on non-denominationalism and the most basic Christian doctrine to bail them out.

2. The harbouring of a strange diversity of beliefs makes the movement condusive to the spread of secularism, and doubt in Christian history, revelations and miracles. This trend gives rise to strange meanings of baptism which means loss of the sacrament. The trend gives to the formation of strange cults such as Mormonism and Jehovah's witnesses, which are byproducts of American Protestantism. Unfortunately they have cut themselves off of the sanctifying grace found in many of the sacraments (5 out of 7) such as Confession, Holy Communion, Holy Orders, Extreme Unction and Confirmation by denying the sucessors of the apostles.

The point: Protestantism inherits an openness to strange doctrine that opens the gates to forces that wish to destroy it and any semblance of Christianity within.

3. They embrace a number of harmful moral beliefs, especially liberal Protestants. These beliefs are killing and destroying their future families and generations. They support population control, contraception, divorce, sexual pleasure over sexaul procreation, some support sodomy, and abortion.

The point: The largest Protestant denominations, which have become ultra-liberal, are destroying their future generations.

The good news: As Protestants lose their moral direction and their dogmatic direction, more and more they come back home to the Catholic Church to guide them to salvation, because they see God's unchanging beacon of faith, hope, truth, charity (love) and justice. The more their faith communities change, the more they long for the Body of Christ that does not change.

St. Paul is an excellent guide because as the pagan Gentiles worshipped the Unknown God, we see Protestants worship a God that through the generations they also know less and less of God. St. Paul lead them back home to the Catholic Church so we can together be an even stronger force of God's glory on earth! St. Paul please pray for them and for our Mother the Church!

To all protestants and Protestants:

Pax vobiscum

Allan O'Canada