Concordia cum Veritate

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life Chain 2006 and the Anti-life Fanatic

I recently had the blessing of attending the annual life chain event here in Toronto. It was a great hour of bearing witness to the crime and sin of abortion in my country from an inner city intersection in Etobicoke. I held a sign that read: "Lord Forgive Us And Our Nation." If God does not forgive us, then it is just for Him to punish us with whatever means He sees fit. I met some good people-four members of a family of 11! We had a lot of support from most drivers-by. The event lasted from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. The sun had just come out, and God was holding off the rain for us.

Then came along the anti-life, pro-abortion fanatics. They came in the classiest of vehicles, a bronze coloured pick-up truck. There were three in the vehicle, two women and a man driving. The man was perhaps in his late twenties and the women were in their early or mid-twenties. Boy did they have mouths, which is not surprising from anti-lifers. I saw the woman in the back roll down her window. She was talking on her cell phone while she shouted to me with a harpy's voice: "Who are you to tell me not to have an abortion?"

I kept my silence. She rolled up her window.

The woman in the front shouted with a confused voice: "Why are you here for? Is there a clinic around here?" Again, as I had been instructed, I kept my silence and did not engage with the provoking women.

The woman with the nails-on-the-blackboard-voice yelled at me again "Why don't you answer? You can't even answer! You're wrong!" expecting me to get into a serious argument with her in the middle of the intersection. I stayed calm and silent. She rolled up the window again. I know she wasn't really looking for reasonable discussion. She rolled up the window to any reponse for Goodness' sake!

I could feel my muscles tense and the adrenalin pump. I really wanted to yell back to her, "May Our Father forgive you, for you do not know it is wrong the murder your innocent children!" But I knew the best thing I could do is be silent, and let my prescence and the sign say it all. I did not to humour her, nor stoop to her level, and join in on her madness.

The mouth in the back continued to hurl insults at me and God. I felt like Jesus when the San Hedrin and pagan Roman soldiers wanted Our Lord dead. I took their insults in like the Lord and like the Lord said, I prayed for them to see the light and truth. I offered it up and prayed hail Marys for them. They must have saw my lips move, because the woman in the front gave me this saucy look and yet again, the back window rolled down.

"God doesn't exist," she taunted. "God won't save you," she continued. Sounding very much like the wicked theif on the cross, who insulted Our Lord was not offered salvation. I was really angry she would insult my Blessed Lord like that. But I knew I must imitate Christ, so I offered it up and prayed more Hail Marys for her.

For the Love of God I could not figure out what she hoped to accomlish screaming like a crazed woman in the middle of an intersection like that. It just proves how confused, ill-reasoned and driven by emotion these pro-abortionists are. Such madness belongs in a safe, therapeutic home with padded walls.

Such witches. But I thank God. "Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

"Blessed are you when they shall revile you and persecute you and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake."

I know in their hearts they thought much evil on me, and much anger. These are the fruits of the pro-abortion movement. How can anyone follow such an evil way? The choice is clear, good must prevail over evil.

Pax vobiscum and all the preborn and their mothers,

Allan O'Canada