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Monday, March 05, 2007

Brownback's Yellow Brick Road to the White House

He's not in Kansas anymore. He's all over the map. With such a passion for serving all, defending the weak and innocent and a strong devotion to America, there is no one better fit to be President than Sam Brownback. No other candidate has spoken so strongly in giving everyone a fair chance at life, especially the preborn, be they in the womb or more tragically, in a petri dish. I don't know about you, but my family is hurting these days. My parents made many mistakes and now live separately, hating each other. This tragedy has shaken me and my sister's to the core.
Sam Brownback gives the millions like me and my sisters hope that if he became president, no other children will have to suffer the destruction of the love that sustains families. He would promote marriage, ensuring fewer children end up in single parent families. No other candidates are concerned about this. He will protect marriage from those who want to warp it into something other than that joyous union of one man and one woman for life for the procreation of children. He will protect marriage from disorder and the lies of homosexualization. Brownback's winning message is simple. America needs strong families to be successful. Without strong families that are accepting of the gift of life, society is not as effective, life is disordered and the nation suffers. Families are the backbone of any society.
The measure of a society is how well it treats it's weakest members. Democrat America would like to kill millions of them with abortion. Sam Brownback is the best candidate at changing that.
Brownback will win on all issues. He will support the military. He will settle for nothing less than victory in Iraq. He is wise enough not get America into another situation like Iraq because he knows how much voters are displeased with it. Democrats like Hillary, Obama, Edwards are unreliable when it comes to winning in Iraq. But if Republicans do not start looking realisiticly at how bad the Iraq war was for their own country, they will lose in 2008 with the American public. Sam Brownback supports a political solution ultimately in Iraq, which is what the American people want. Brownback is in tune with the people on Iraq.

Brownback is respected by immigrants because he reaches out to them. He knows that a fence alone isn't going to cut it with the issue of illegal immigrants. He's got every other Republican matched or beat with immigration.

When it comes to the other candidates like Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden and Rudy Guilianni are deadly on the issues of abortion. These candidates are not looking out for America's future but an ideological agenda where people are given the right to kill the innocent. Even John McCain supports murdering some emryonic children, saying that some should die for the sake of science. Who is he to say some people should sacrifice their lives for the sake of science, just because they are so young and weak.

Mitt Romney says he regrets breaking the law to institute sodomarriage in Massachusetts. Is that so? Then why isn't he out crusading to fix his mistake? Romney, throughout his campaign, has not given any evidence he cares about the country's divorce problem. His defense of marriage is at best questionable.

Sam Brownback is one of the few candidates we can trust, the highest ranking candidate we can trust. Friends, please support Sam Brownback. He is a man whom people will talk about years from now saying "will this President be as good as Brownback?" Follow the yellow brick road. Please support Brownback, and make America a better country.
Pax Vobiscum,
Allan O'Canada

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saint Sam for President in '08

Dear friends,

Already many of the candidates who will be seeking the presidential bids of their repsective parties have announced their intent to do so. It's been said the nomination field is getting crowded with at least 10 Rebulican nominees and much the same for Democrats. The President of the United States of America is supposed to exemplify what it means to be American, to show us a right as rain example of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a crucial time in American history, and America needs a great leader to stay the course. Many of the candidates can offer great things to the land of the brave, but as we are seeing with most of the candidates, they also have many things that will outright hurt the nation.

Canadidates like Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Rudy Guliani and John McCain have shown us time and time again with their rhetoric and voting records that they will not support the right to life of people in their earliest stages of life, despite science telling us that human life begins at conception. Do we want a President who doesn't respect life or doesn't listen to science?

Mitt Romney and Guliani have made it clear to us that they do not value marriage, that the union between a man and a women for life should be denegraded and seen as equal to disordered unions between two men, or two women.

The only support we've seen Clinton and Obama give the military is the kind that says they'd be doing a better job if they would pack up and go home because they can't handle finishing the job.

Thankfully, for America's sake, there are some great candidates running. Names such as Hunter, Huckabee, and Sam Brownback resonate above the others. These are the men who stand for the values the United States of America was founded on.

Sam Brownback is of particular interest. No other candidate has been so active in defending life, marriage, the disabled, the poor at home and abroad, supporting the military, helping the middle class by lowering their taxes, getting constitutionalist judges on the Supreme Court (e.g. Roberts and Alito) and supporting alternative fuels. I am convinced there would be no one better to lead the United States of America as President.

Some Evangelicals may have some reservations about Brownback because he is a Catholic. I would encourage them to pray and think about who the best candidate is for their country in the long run. Who has the best Pro-life voting record? As a Catholic myself, I would have no problem voting for an evangelical oriented candidate like President Bush or Reagan. And out of Christian charity, I would hope evangelicals would return that good favour and elect Catholic politician. We live in an age where in order to build up the kingdom of God on earth, and build a culture of life, all Christians must work together. Besides, Brownback hails from an Evangelical home, and can relate to all of America's Evangelicals. Because Catholics and Evangelicals share in all the most relevant political goals, Brownback would equally benefit both camps if elected.

Please support Sam Brownback!

Pax Vobiscum,


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Abortion Pizza?

Greetings all! I just learned from the Life Decisions International website that Pizza Pizza resturants, one of my favourite pizza chains supports Planned Parenthood financially. Planned Parenthood makes profit by exploiting, deceiving and harming women and aborting their children. A couple years ago Pizza Pizza was caught funding the pride parade in Toronto and I wrote them. The next year Pizza Pizza did not appear as a patron of pride Toronto on their website, so I started eating there again. Now I firmly endorse the Life Decisions International boycott for Pizza Pizza, and will not be patroning them until they stop funding Planned Parenthood. Below is a copy of the letter I wrote them.

Saturday, January 13, 2007.

Life Decisions International recently published that Pizza Pizza supports
the abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood profits by destroying pre-born babies by abortion on pre-teens to adult women. Planned Parenthood supports beastiality. Planned Parenthood protects rapists by not informing police when they abort underage girl's children. I really like your pizza, but I am disgusted with Pizza Pizza for funding Planned Parenthood. It makes me wonder what's next? If Pizza Pizza is willing to fund abortion they could illegally add aborted fetal tissue to their pizzas. My critics will point out it's a disgusting thought, but all the more disgusting is Pizza Pizza supporting the abortion industry. I have boycotted Pizza Pizza before when I heard they funded the pride parade in Toronto, and I will begin another boycott immediately until I see Pizza Pizza has stopped funding Planned Parenthood.

Thank you for your time, and I sincerely look forward to Pizza Pizza ending their support of such violence against children and women

Pax vobsicum,

Allan O'Canada

Friday, November 17, 2006

Cardinal Arinze Podcast and the Beauty of Life

Recently the good couple over at Catholic Familyland Europe asked the blogging Catholic faithful to put the Cardinal Arinze picture up on our blogs, along with a link. I personally love the podcast. The Cardinal speaks so clearly and so brilliantly on matters of faith, morals and the family. He's one of the strongest leaders in the world today (take that Canadian and American governments! especially Liberals and Democrats!). In fact, I'd say he's only bested by the Vicar of Christ himself.

Check out the Cardinal Arinze podcast sometime, he's one of the wisest, most orthodox, most spiritual, fair governing, sanctifying and best teachers on this earth currently. Not only is he a leader in Christ's flock, whom Christ has sent out (He knew the Good Cardinal would be a successor of the apostles) but he is also one of the greatest followers of Christ in the Church militant. For those of you don't know, the Church militant is the name given to the Church on earth.

The Beauty of Life

The gift of human life is one of the most dignifying gifts that can be given or received. I write for a secular audience as well as a spiritual audience. It is most often that secular people cannot grasp the spiritual, but spiritual people have lived a secular life, seen its setbacks and moved on to a superior spiritual life full of richness and grace in Christ. The gift of life is the first step to the gift of everlasting life.

Given how beautiful the gift of life is in itself, it's difficult for me to see how people can say "it's better for that child to be killed than to live a life of incompetance and drooling." Sad, bitter people say things like that. Selfish people who care about their own money, and pleasures of the body. They will say, well I wouldn't want to take care of someone like that, so why should anyone else? But where is the love of the life? How come their minds are so limited that they can't see that gift of life? It is these people who are the self-proclaimed "progressives." There are many of these types in the U.K. and Netherlands.

In 2000, the Netherlands implemented an infant euthanasia program where a panel of doctors will decide weather to commit infanticide on a baby if he has permanent disability or chronic or terminal illness. They brush aside the fact that life should be lived to the fullest and make themselves out to be gods, deciding the fate of mere motrals. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists in the U.K. is now pusing for debate on infanticide now, only six years after the Dutch legalized it.

It was only 400 years ago when the Spanish conquered the pagans in South America, where they used to commit infanticide regularly to make human sacrifices to false-gods. Please see Mel Gibson's new movie Apocolypto. It seems like the "progressives" are actually regressive in their thinking. They want to bring us back to the level of bloodshed of pagan times. In fact, if you've ever seen those pictures of aborted babies, you could conclude that we are already there, given the number of times that happens in North America, let alone the world, every year. This is all thanks of course to liberal ideology, who's cornerstone is secular humanism.

The secular humanist thinks only of the immediate gains of decisions, how will they help the "chosen" or "wanted" people on earth here and now, only thinking of long term solutions and consequenes for a few select issues, namely environmental concerns.

So before we turn our nations back into the pagan butcherfests they used to be, I urge all the liberals to actually consider real human rights such as the right to life, instead of pseudo rights, such as the right to kill vulnerable children in the womb or out, the "right to marry," marriage is a blessing and a calling, not a right, or the right to call up terrorists and not have the government listen in.

Remember, in all situations the child may be happy but the true beauty and happiness lies in the life. The child may be suffering, but the true beauty and happiness in that life, that gift, that won't change. There is always the possibility of things getting worse, but isn't the possibility of things getting better more important? Isn't letting the child live to have a chance at eternal life the best option?

Eternal life is an amazing concept, and I'll talk about more about it in another entry! Father please grant my Char eternal life, so that I may spend it with her, as well as grant all my family and friends all they need to recieve the same gift.

Pax vobiscum,

Allan O'Canada

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

A Blessed All Saints Day!
This is always one of my favourite Holy Days. I had no idea about this day until about 4 years ago. How amazing it was for me to learn that the title given to everyone in heaven was Saint. I never knew the meaning of the word. Our Secular/liberal Protestant culture usually attributes the name saint to a good person. However, Saints are great persons. How great and difficult a time it is to pass this test on earth to spend eternity away from all labours enjoying the ecstacy and splendors of heaven!

I went to Holy Family Church in Toronto for the All Saints Day Mass. It was truly amazing! The Mass was a Latin Novus Ordo, so it had the correct (more accurate) words of consecration for the Holy Blood. The choir and organ were beautiful, as were the hymns. Nine priests offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and many seminarians and a few Dominicans were present. There was much incense and it smelled so beautiful. God finds the smell of incense pleasing too, especially with the Sacrifice of His dearly beloved Son. I hope my dear one likes the smell of incense;-)

Cord Stem Cells Differentiate to form a Liver

I also got word of an amazing discovery made by British scientists today that the secular media is completely ignoring. Good scientists (who respect life by virtue of their research) have taken cord stem cells and grown a mini human liver from them. This is the second organ (the first was the bladder) I have heard news that either adult stem cells (host stem cells as I like to call them) or cord stem cells. Cord stem cells derive their name because they come from umbilical cords.

What a remarkable discovery! The liver is such a fascinating organ. The organ of purification, where toxins and other product is metabolized and flushed from our bloodsteams. Many people will benefit from this research, such as people suffering from liver cerosis, people with hepatitus A, B or C who acquired it by accident, as well as by sinning, people who have been in terrible accidents, alcoholics, people on liver damaging medications to name a few. Many medications damage livers such as Crohn's disease meds as well as anti-retrovirals for people suffering from HIV.

A discovery like this could end organ donation, where contraversy reigns supreme because some doctors in the US and China will kill people to get at their organs for other people, even if there is a good chance for the donor's recovery. Also with cord cells, if they are from the hosts' cord, there will be no need for immuno-suppressing anti-rejection drugs.
We can only thank Our Loving Father and His Divine Son for such a discovery. Jesus and Mary are the health of the sick. "Every good gift is from above," says St. James the Less. And it rings true even now.

With all this good news, and all the actual cures "not just promise" that this discovery brings, it is interesting why the secular media has not made front page news of this. It is a sad state how our mainstream media has become a Liberal ideology dumping ground that they have failed the common good. They do not give proper place to miraculous medical discoveries because the source of the discoveries is advocated by Pro-Life sources. This discovery is not derrived from the failed and hopeless science of embryonic stem cell research. If it was, guaranteed it would be all over the secular press. Please see related coverage by at:

Pax vobiscum et bonae Omnes Sanctis,

Allan O'Canada

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life Chain 2006 and the Anti-life Fanatic

I recently had the blessing of attending the annual life chain event here in Toronto. It was a great hour of bearing witness to the crime and sin of abortion in my country from an inner city intersection in Etobicoke. I held a sign that read: "Lord Forgive Us And Our Nation." If God does not forgive us, then it is just for Him to punish us with whatever means He sees fit. I met some good people-four members of a family of 11! We had a lot of support from most drivers-by. The event lasted from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. The sun had just come out, and God was holding off the rain for us.

Then came along the anti-life, pro-abortion fanatics. They came in the classiest of vehicles, a bronze coloured pick-up truck. There were three in the vehicle, two women and a man driving. The man was perhaps in his late twenties and the women were in their early or mid-twenties. Boy did they have mouths, which is not surprising from anti-lifers. I saw the woman in the back roll down her window. She was talking on her cell phone while she shouted to me with a harpy's voice: "Who are you to tell me not to have an abortion?"

I kept my silence. She rolled up her window.

The woman in the front shouted with a confused voice: "Why are you here for? Is there a clinic around here?" Again, as I had been instructed, I kept my silence and did not engage with the provoking women.

The woman with the nails-on-the-blackboard-voice yelled at me again "Why don't you answer? You can't even answer! You're wrong!" expecting me to get into a serious argument with her in the middle of the intersection. I stayed calm and silent. She rolled up the window again. I know she wasn't really looking for reasonable discussion. She rolled up the window to any reponse for Goodness' sake!

I could feel my muscles tense and the adrenalin pump. I really wanted to yell back to her, "May Our Father forgive you, for you do not know it is wrong the murder your innocent children!" But I knew the best thing I could do is be silent, and let my prescence and the sign say it all. I did not to humour her, nor stoop to her level, and join in on her madness.

The mouth in the back continued to hurl insults at me and God. I felt like Jesus when the San Hedrin and pagan Roman soldiers wanted Our Lord dead. I took their insults in like the Lord and like the Lord said, I prayed for them to see the light and truth. I offered it up and prayed hail Marys for them. They must have saw my lips move, because the woman in the front gave me this saucy look and yet again, the back window rolled down.

"God doesn't exist," she taunted. "God won't save you," she continued. Sounding very much like the wicked theif on the cross, who insulted Our Lord was not offered salvation. I was really angry she would insult my Blessed Lord like that. But I knew I must imitate Christ, so I offered it up and prayed more Hail Marys for her.

For the Love of God I could not figure out what she hoped to accomlish screaming like a crazed woman in the middle of an intersection like that. It just proves how confused, ill-reasoned and driven by emotion these pro-abortionists are. Such madness belongs in a safe, therapeutic home with padded walls.

Such witches. But I thank God. "Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

"Blessed are you when they shall revile you and persecute you and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake."

I know in their hearts they thought much evil on me, and much anger. These are the fruits of the pro-abortion movement. How can anyone follow such an evil way? The choice is clear, good must prevail over evil.

Pax vobiscum and all the preborn and their mothers,

Allan O'Canada

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Even the Pope himself wants this Emoticon

So I was on MSN as usual staring at my emoticons and the Holy Ghost hits me with this brilliant idea. Let me explain it Mathematically:

My emoticon I leave, my emoticon I give. Share it with the world:

Pax vobiscum,