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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Moore Than I Asked For

Tomorrow is election, the future of Canada is at stake. What will Canadians ask for? Will they ask for healthy, true marriage, an end to corruption, the decency of not allowing 14+ orgy clubs and lower taxes OR will they ask for sodo-marriage under the guise of equality, some of the highest taxes in the world, scandal after scandal.

Please see my previous post for how parties did on major issues.

An anonymous commenter to my last post "Canadian Election 2006" did not even attempt to address the issues I spoke of in the spirit of true argument. He or she rather copied Michael Moore's statement on the Canadian election, which has almost nothing to do with my post, other than they're both about the Canadian election, but I warmly welcome it.

Why is Moore in such a tizzy over our election. Things must have struck a chord. We must be getting very close to a Conservative government that will actually steer our country back on course with God's Will, His divine plan for the peace and love of Our Great Canadian Nation.

The thing about Michael Moore is, how can anyone take him seriously? Look at his arguments. Notice their complete detatchment from reality. Let's take a brief look at the flaws present in Moore's article.

Now I could go through and show the flaws to all his false statements, which I like to call lies, but I'm not going to waste my time. The Conservatives have a hard earned victory thanks to rotten Liberal attack ads, bad liberal arguments, liberal lies, Liberal theft, and liberals supporting the culture of death and other immoral causes.

The Denouement: I've seen enough of his movies and interviews to conclude that Michael Moore is a fanatical fibber, making mountains out of mole holes more often than not. Well Michael, your statement has as many lies as the Liberal campaign and was definitely more than I asked for.

Pax vobiscum,

Allan O'Canada


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