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Friday, July 15, 2005

Many Warnings, Many Signs or Beware of Pagans Part II

As I wait for my Char to come back I'll write the thoughts that have been on my mind about where the world is and where it is heading and how our society rejects the beautiful fulness of Christ, and His life everlasting found in the Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church.

So where was I? Ah yes, the evil dark Lord of pagans... We know by God's revelation to Abraham that He exists and that God is One. We know He is One and He is (I AM) by His revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai approx. 4000 years ago. We know God is Triune, or three in one as described in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity by the Church (Council of Nicea 325 A.D.). The Trinity is the ONLY explaination for how Jesus Christ described His relation with the Father, and the Paraclete or Spirit or Spirit of Truth. He said they are all One with the Father. So what? That means they're all one with God! How can three be one? Well it's a mystery to us humans, but if you were God (or even Man-God as Our Blessed Lord Christ is) you'd understand;-) So it took God to tell us because we couldn't figure that out. Doh!

This is the Christian belief in the Trinity. Some Moslems/Muslims and Jews, would have you think otherwise. Christians do NOT worship three Gods in One. The wording is three PERSONS in ONE GOD.

Pagans on the other hand, do worship anything but the One true God who has revealed Himself more times than a Christian has been killed at the hands of a pagan. So what... that's got to be up in the range of 10 million times or more?

Pagan gods are false because they are invented by people. People like the idea of inventing their own gods because it is the liberal thing to do. Liberalism and paganism get along real good. "A little chum for chum eh?" Pagan religions are very liberal because you can believe whatever the heck you want as long as you don't believe in God. Hmmmmm believing what suits your purposes and selfish needs... whatever you want eh?

Hmmmmm this is starting to sound like a certain Reformation. It's true that Protestants went crazy liberal when they fell away from the full Christian faith 500 years ago. And today some continue to liberalize and draw farther from Christianity. 500 years ago, the supporters of Martin Luther (not Luther himself), Calvin (Calvin himself), Henry VIII (himself) all say, "Hey I don't like what the Christ is telling me through the Church run by his appointed representatives on earth. Let me choose what is really from God based on what I think--not as God is telling the world through His Church, the Institution He set up on earth." Mind you, there is already a lot of anti-Catholic sentiment due to ignorance on the part of people and governments about the nature of indulgences, and some instances of abuse of indulgences. Thus we saw the early Protestants take matters into their own hands, and set up their own rival Churches to the one Christ established instead of trying to understand the problem from the bottom-up approach. How else would you end up with 2000+ denominations if there wasn't any picking and choosing according to selfish desire?

So you liberalize the firm God fearing discipline the Lord Almighty puts into a society, and inevitably things slip into paganism of some form. And that's where we're heading today. Catholics become Protestants, Protestants become pagans. Check out posted on July 16, 2005 A.D. and read about M. R. Sellars or Mike Short. Mike Short, pagan convert from Lutheran.

Many people essentially want to be their own god or goddess first, and choose something to believe in putting themselves in the place of God who commands us to believe in Him for our own good and out of love.

What's with the new Harry Potter craze? liberal Protestants defend it. And it's their children who are converting to wicca, witchcraft. Catholics, and Conservative Protestants abhore it. We are truly God-fearing. Blessings and peace to my evangelical friends. We know the devil exists. And we will shun satan and his subtleties. Wearing down the consciences of our youth to think you can be good and be a witch. Satan poisons souls this way and drags them down to hell. Just like he poisons souls through sins against purity. And pagans love their perverted sex in orgies, promiscuity, homsexuality, pedophilia, oral and anal intercourse. God will plague them if it will save their souls!

Is this where our culture is going? Well part of it's already there...

May God bless Canada and all her people.


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